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Well, we managed to get into a bowl game this year. Butch just got a pay raise 
and a contract extension.


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Yep, keep an eye on those Vols, they are going to be heard in the next year tr 
two seriously the way things are going.  They’ve had a lot of injuries, but 
still manage to keep on going to some degree.  


Yes the style of offense they play actually fits Dobs better than the guy they 
had start the year, Dobs himself becomes a weapon because he can take more 
punishment running the ball himself.  Even in the Bama game they did’t give up 
even though Bama got a two score lead within the first couple of minutes of the 


Yes this whole internet thing is a great invention, have listened to more 
Tennessee games this year than Illinois games, although I did hear the Illini 
Gofers game and like everybody else was surprised they actually pulled that one 
off.  I bet the Gofers were surprised the most coming in with only 1 Big 10 
loss at the time.  Think they looked over the Illini and got burned on that 
one.  Well it serves them right they derailed the Illini a number of times in 
the past.  



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I can’t comment on NFL, but I am proud of what I have seen out of the Vols this 
year. It hasn’t been a stellar season, but the games we have played haven’t 
been blow outs either. In fact I heard yesterday I guess it was one more win 
for the Vols and we will be going to a bowl game. I wish they had of put Josh 
Dobbs in earlier in the season rather than redshirting him  as it may have 
caused more upsets especially with Muschimp and those Gators. Sorry for the 
hi-jack, but I am known for hijacking post. Right? *LOL*   


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The Bears have done a lot of that loosing this year especially to teams that 
logically would be worse than them.  Up until yesterday even playing at home 
wasn’t helping them out.  But the NFL this year is completely goofy anyway.  


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Hi everyone.  Nothing exciting on this end, just working and trying to do some 
projects around the house for the appraisal...trying to refinance and get some 
cash out of the house to pay for it all.   LOL


My oldest turned 29 on Friday and apparently ate the entire jello cake 
yesterday (with the exception of 3 pieces I made him share with his 
friends/brother).  The Seattle Seahawks lost, so I left right after that to 
avoid the inevitable "crabby" that would be expressed about the loss.


Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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Hello, Josh and Tom.  Everything is okay here in snowy Ohio.  The snow is 
coming down here and I am looking forward to going out and playing in it with 
Selah.  well, she will play...I wouldn't do anything so childish as that...lol


Hope everyone who celebraates it, has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  No 
turkey here of course...can't trust it.  chicken and dumplings here for us.  
The store killed chicken little for this dish not me!!!!


Hugs to you Bethie!!!!!  Happy birthday to my oldest nephew who just turned 29. 
 OMG, I'm old.  Who let them grow up?  


Sent from my iPhone


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Nope you’re still in the list and so should everybody else bee, it’s just been 
dead quiet lately.  


Heather probably has the bus running again and she and George and Pete and who 
knows who else are probably driving around and stopping at Wal-marts in Canada 
again trying to get Liz’s attention.  But I’m not sure they are going to get 
Liz’s attention *lol*.  


Got an e-mail from Suzi off list so know she’s alive too.  BethAnn might be 
doing another batch of sessions of closet rap for her next album release or 
something, or she’s waiting to sell you a house Josh.  It might be “the perfect 
place.”  Or maybe not depends on who’s standard of perfection is being used 


Don’t know about Don.  Danny though is alive and well, eating lots and lots of 
cream corn, well probably every meal he eats is cream corn, because he doesn’t 
like it so he has been placed into the cream corn factor.  


Patti continues to improve bit by bit, gets a little more talkative over time 
at times.  She has a couple of appointments coming in December, one is 
physical, the other is the Neurologist.  But I’m thinking generally things will 
be going in the right direction for her as afar as they are concerned.  


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  How is everyone doing? I have not seen any post from the list in a few weeks 
now. I am wondering if I have not gotten myself booted somehow unintentionally. 
I guess the last I seen any post was Tom and I interacting about the family 
issues. The issues are not a hundred percent, but I do feel that since Amanda 
stood up and stood her ground we have gotten more respect. Now, it seems as 
though we are actualy people and not servants. However, that could change at 
any moment. Well, we have our prequalification letter and have found a few 
houses that we are interested in. We have to call tomorrow and get a real 
estate agent. Getting the prequal was a bit ofa hassle though. Today Amanda and 
I went and bought little man some birthday presents and got his location 
reserved. Sometime this week we have to get the invitations filled-out. Amanda 
and I are in the home stretch of the semester and everything seems to be going 
alright. I am in one class where I will not know if I passed or failed until 
the final grade comes out since 50% of the points aren’t going to be figured 
until the end of the semester. Amanda as far as I know is doing fine in her 
classes, she has some projects that she is working on, but I belive they are 
going fine. So, as always we have a ton of things going on, but little time 
*LOL*. Have a good one and I hope to be able to read some list traffic here in 
a few days. Take care and chat later.      


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