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Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure the tech gets everything on the
service sheet if they make it out here. I'll give them until tomorrow
morning to give me a call back. At least a call to tell me they are aware I
need service would be reassuring. Heck, I wouldn't mind one calling me just
to walk me through checking things that might be wrong. I've limped through
3 of my best  customer's shirts this afternoon, now I have to go home and
take a dose of Nexium to get rid of the gnawing in my churning gut! My
machine will be 2 at the end of September. She's been tempra"mental" since
December and it's gotten to this point. I've put off calling Melco because
I've got so much work to do. Guess that's what I get. Tomorrow I'm going to
tackle the hook timing (yikes!) at another user's urging. He's available to
help if I get stuck. Thanks for the call Herb if your out there.
Wendy Solomonson
Itchin' To Stitch
Arlington, MN
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> Just hope that they find something wrong, or you will be asked to pay for
> the service call.  Our tech came out, did work, found a few issues but
> neglected to put them on the sheet they turned into melco.  As a result, I
> got a call from someone in "collections" asking why we hadn't paid a $300+
> bill for service on a machine that they didn't find anything wrong with.
> Oy.  Still waiting for a return call on that.  Now I'm nervous to report
> issue I have even though I am under warranty.
> Wendy... How long have you had the machine.  Wasn't it sewing well prior
> this?
> Definitely sounds like a service issue if you can reproduce the error
> time.
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> :I am having nothing but problems with my Amaya. I can not get
> :through any design without multiple threadbreaks, looping
> :thread, trimmers not trimming all the way. I put in a call to
> :Melco yesterday and talked with Tech support over the phone.
> :We finally determined a service call is in order. I have yet
> :to hear from them. Is this typical? I am terrifed to put
> :anything on my machine because of all the things I've already
> :ruined trying to troubleshoot on my own.  Because my machine
> :is still under warranty I feel like my hands are tied and I'm
> :at the mercy of Melco right now waiting for a return call.
> :I've got a ton of stuff to get out of here and an unreliable
> :machine at this point. I'm running a beautifully digitzed
> :design that I've run numerous times before on the same
> :garments with the same machine parameters.  As I stand and
> :watch the machine sew this design I've been noticing it sends
> :out a a loop of thread down the hole just above where it
> :enters under the threadfeed rolle  r and I end up with a
> :threadbreak or a loop in the design. This is happening on
> :every needle that I have tried so far. I've changed material
> :thickness and adjusted the bobbin tension and nothing seems to
> :help. I am confident it is not related to the design. Any
> :suggestions on what to check next?
> :Wendy Solomonson
> :Itchin' To Stitch
> :Arlington, MN
> :(507)964-2224
> :
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