[amayausers] HELP!

  • From: "Itchin To Stitch" <itchin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Amaya User Group" <amayausers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:49:29 -0600

I am having nothing but problems with my Amaya. I can not get through any 
design without multiple threadbreaks, looping thread, trimmers not trimming all 
the way. I put in a call to Melco yesterday and talked with Tech support over 
the phone. We finally determined a service call is in order. I have yet to hear 
from them. Is this typical? I am terrifed to put anything on my machine because 
of all the things I've already ruined trying to troubleshoot on my own.  
Because my machine is still under warranty I feel like my hands are tied and 
I'm at the mercy of Melco right now waiting for a return call. I've got a ton 
of stuff to get out of here and an unreliable machine at this point. I'm 
running a beautifully digitzed design that I've run numerous times before on 
the same garments with the same machine parameters.  As I stand and watch the 
machine sew this design I've been noticing it sends out a a loop of thread down 
the hole just above where it enters under the threadfeed roller and I end up 
with a threadbreak or a loop in the design. This is happening on every needle 
that I have tried so far. I've changed material thickness and adjusted the 
bobbin tension and nothing seems to help. I am confident it is not related to 
the design. Any suggestions on what to check next?
Wendy Solomonson
Itchin' To Stitch
Arlington, MN

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