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Rotary hook - Check for timing - you could do this every time you have the
needle plate off.  Shouldn't need retiming unless something bad happens,
like you get a garment locked up around your bobbin case and rotary hook
Or... if the last tech that set it didn't tighten the screws tight enough.
Check for wear - once a week or so.  Remember this is a progressive wear and
you may not notice it unless you have a new one to compare to.  Kind of like
your eyesight.  You'll go 40 years or more and not realize you have vision
issues until you put on a pair of glasses and realize how much better life
can be.
        Rotary hook wear can be dependant on how much you use your machine, how
often you oil it, what kind of oil do you use, what kind of garments are you
sewing?, how clean is the machine (by this I mean rotary hook), environment
(oil does evaporate over time), how many broken,bent needles...  I think you
get my point.   I've been told on average, running approximately 8 hours a
day, you could consider changing your rotary hook every two years.  Some
folks have gone ten years or more with the same hook and some folks have had
to change their rotary hook in the first thirty days.

Consumable items to consider that could contribute to sewing problems as
time goes on:
        (not limited to...)
        Rotary hook
        needle clamp screws
        thread feed rollers
        bobbin case
        needle bars
        retaining finger
        trimmer knives
        underthread presser
        oil absorbing felt pads
        hoops / hoop brackets
        thread (ie: old)
        bobbin type (not continuous filament)
        And of course all parts that require some form of lubrication

Just some items that come to mind.

Ed & Maralien Orantes
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Considering that the rotary hook is a consumable, how often should it be
checked for timing, wear, etc.?  Only when you have problems or is there
a timer for something more than oiling it?

I have had to set the timing on ours once before (one of the screws fell
out of it), it wasn't that hard to do and it certainly helped reduce

Wendy,  I have plans on becoming a tech but I am not able to make the
commitment yet.  We are in Elk River, MN.  I am hoping I will be able go
to the training next year.  It is a bit of a catch 22.  Its easier to
sell Amayas into an area that has close tech support.  And it's easier
to justify going thruogh the expense of becoming a tech if there are
more Amayas in a territory to support.

J2H Design

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If it is your rotary hook, you will also have to pay for the time it =3D
takes the Tech to put it in and time it.  I just had a service call, the
Tech =3D came from Napa, about 30 miles, with a cost of $100 for travel.
The problem =3D was the rotary hook, and that was about another $80 and
retainer - couple of =3D $ plus the time at approx $85 an hour.  Of
course, there is no partial billing.  The rotary hook is considered a
consumable and therefore, not under warranty.  I have to still receive
the bill so can't give you an =3D exact figure.  I received my machine =
June 2004.  I called-in for the =3D service call around middle of =
and the tech came on 3 Feb.  The service =3D rep that I called returned =
call in a day or two of my making it =3D (excluding weekends).  I spoke
with Sally at (303)474-1180. =3D20

Susan Davidson
Sewfly Embroidery

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I am having nothing but problems with my Amaya. I can not get through =
any design without multiple threadbreaks, looping thread, trimmers not =
trimming all the way. I put in a call to Melco yesterday and talked with
Tech =3D support over the phone. We finally determined a service call is
in order. I have =3D yet to hear from them. Is this typical? I am =
to put anything on my machine because of all the things I've already
ruined trying to =3D troubleshoot on my own.  Because my machine is =
under warranty I feel like my =3D hands are tied and I'm at the mercy of
Melco right now waiting for a return =3D call.
I've got a ton of stuff to get out of here and an unreliable machine at
=3D this point. I'm running a beautifully digitzed design that I've run
numerous times before on the same garments with the same machine
parameters.  As =3D I stand and watch the machine sew this design I've
been noticing it sends =3D out a a loop of thread down the hole just =
where it enters under the threadfeed rolle  r and I end up with a
threadbreak or a loop in the =3D design.
This is happening on every needle that I have tried so far. I've changed
material thickness and adjusted the bobbin tension and nothing seems to
help. I am confident it is not related to the design. Any suggestions on
what to check next? Wendy Solomonson Itchin' To Stitch Arlington, MN
(507)964-2224  =3D20

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