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GO TO TRAINING!!!! I wonder if you would then be the closet tech for MN. I
haven't heard back from Melco yet and I'm getting really nervous about my
backup of work. Users are saying is could take weeks for someone to get
here? I hope that will not be the case or I will be very steamed.
Wendy Solomonson
Itchin' To Stitch
Arlington, MN
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> Considering that the rotary hook is a consumable, how often should it be
> checked for timing, wear, etc.?  Only when you have problems or is there
> a timer for something more than oiling it?
> I have had to set the timing on ours once before (one of the screws fell
> out of it), it wasn't that hard to do and it certainly helped reduce
> problems.
> Wendy,  I have plans on becoming a tech but I am not able to make the
> commitment yet.  We are in Elk River, MN.  I am hoping I will be able go
> to the training next year.  It is a bit of a catch 22.  Its easier to
> sell Amayas into an area that has close tech support.  And it's easier
> to justify going thruogh the expense of becoming a tech if there are
> more Amayas in a territory to support.
> Marty
> J2H Design
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> Wendy,
> If it is your rotary hook, you will also have to pay for the time it =3D
> takes the Tech to put it in and time it.  I just had a service call, the
> Tech =3D came from Napa, about 30 miles, with a cost of $100 for travel.
> The problem =3D was the rotary hook, and that was about another $80 and
> retainer - couple of =3D $ plus the time at approx $85 an hour.  Of
> course, there is no partial billing.  The rotary hook is considered a
> consumable and therefore, not under warranty.  I have to still receive
> the bill so can't give you an =3D exact figure.  I received my machine =
> in
> June 2004.  I called-in for the =3D service call around middle of =
> January,
> and the tech came on 3 Feb.  The service =3D rep that I called returned =
> my
> call in a day or two of my making it =3D (excluding weekends).  I spoke
> with Sally at (303)474-1180. =3D20
> Susan Davidson
> Sewfly Embroidery
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> I am having nothing but problems with my Amaya. I can not get through =
> =3D
> any design without multiple threadbreaks, looping thread, trimmers not =
> =3D
> trimming all the way. I put in a call to Melco yesterday and talked with
> Tech =3D support over the phone. We finally determined a service call is
> in order. I have =3D yet to hear from them. Is this typical? I am =
> terrifed
> to put anything on my machine because of all the things I've already
> ruined trying to =3D troubleshoot on my own.  Because my machine is =
> still
> under warranty I feel like my =3D hands are tied and I'm at the mercy of
> Melco right now waiting for a return =3D call.
> I've got a ton of stuff to get out of here and an unreliable machine at
> =3D this point. I'm running a beautifully digitzed design that I've run
> numerous times before on the same garments with the same machine
> parameters.  As =3D I stand and watch the machine sew this design I've
> been noticing it sends =3D out a a loop of thread down the hole just =
> above
> where it enters under the threadfeed rolle  r and I end up with a
> threadbreak or a loop in the =3D design.
> This is happening on every needle that I have tried so far. I've changed
> material thickness and adjusted the bobbin tension and nothing seems to
> help. I am confident it is not related to the design. Any suggestions on
> what to check next? Wendy Solomonson Itchin' To Stitch Arlington, MN
> (507)964-2224  =3D20

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