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ListRank: 68ListRank: 68 Volunteer Discussion List

The list is to support volunteers in the volunteer process. This means that this list should be used to discuss scanning and proofreading tips, thoughts, suggestions, and questions. It also can be used to discuss accessibility questions and/or concerns. We suggest that other conversations unrelated to Bookshare volunteering be moved elsewhere.

ListRank: 66ListRank: 66

Sao Mai Computer Center for the blind

SMCC mailing list is created for members and blind students of Sao Mai Computer Center for the blind to exchange and inform issues relating to IT for visually impaired people.

ListRank: 58ListRank: 58 Discussion Group

This list is for discussing your use of and questions concerning, a project of the Benetech Initiative. enables those with print-related disabilities to legally share copyrighted text in alternative electronic formats as prescribed in the Chaffee Amendment to U.S. Copyright Law. The list is open to members, subscribers and others interested in learning about or sharing their experiences using Bookshare, sharing tips about how best to utilize Bookshare, technology used for reading Bookshare's books, and for sharing book recommendations. We suggest that other conversations unrelated to Bookshare be moved elsewhere.

ListRank: 58ListRank: 58

Oakleaf JG

Oakleaf Church Sunday Tech Ministry Group

ListRank: 54ListRank: 54

Kingston Amateur Radio Club

Kingston Amateur Radio Club This is an informal group that allows discussion of all facets of Amateur Radio in the Greater Kingston Area.

ListRank: 50ListRank: 50

Job Search Focus Group - Cincinnati, OH

This list has been disabled by its owner.

ListRank: 50ListRank: 50


This is a list for croatian family doctors. We will discuss medical techniques, research and new inventions that can improve our results.

ListRank: 48ListRank: 48

Hughs List

Setting up a list for the church of Christ here in Tucson so we can share information of events and shared interests. It will be a closed list only used for the members of the church family here.

ListRank: 48ListRank: 48

FREE GEEK Michiana

This is a discussion list for core team members and interested parties discussing issues related to Freegeek-Michiana, including software applications, computer hardware, and organizational issues related to GNU/Linux, LTSP, and computer recycling and education. We are a community based not-for-profit with the goals of: providing computer support and equipment at low or no cost to people who might otherwise not have access to them; making obsolete computers useful again and diverting them from the waste stream; creating client/server networks and computer labs for cash strapped not-for-profit organizations, particularly those serving disadvantaged people and neighborhoods. We primarily use GNU/Linux as our operating system of choice.

ListRank: 46ListRank: 46

NTA Hampton Roads Chapter

Members and associates of the National Technical Association Hampton Roads Chapter. NTA is an organization of Minority Technical Professionals, dedicated to supporting one another, to professional development, and to encouraging and motivating our youth to pursue technology-related professions. We reach out to students to teach them the math, science and computer skills necessary to achieve in school and pursue these careers.

ListRank: 46ListRank: 46


The Association for ecological economic research (VOeW) is an inter- and transdisciplinary network. The VOeW is a non-profit association and argues with questions of sustainable development as well as its practical conversion. The special emphasis of the activities is on the area of sustainable economy and technology and the contribution, which enterprises, politics and universities in addition can carry out. The network offers various contact contacts between science, politics and practice by the composition of its members and its activities. Apart from the exchange of the members among themselves, which is supported by working groups and this listserver, we organize meetings of different kind and direction. The aim of the list is to disseminate and discuss topics related with environment, economy, environmental technology ("green technology") and sustainable development.

ListRank: 46ListRank: 46

API Computer Users Group

Distribution of notices to supporters of the API Computer Users Group

ListRank: 46ListRank: 46

Alay Sa Dios Community - Cebu

Mailing list for ASDC Cebu Chapter Members. Alay sa Diyos Community is a Chinese-Filipino Catholic trans-parochial charismatic marriage encounter community. It was founded in 1985 through a multi-sectoral effort of the marriage encounter foundation of the Philippines. The Alay sa Diyos Cpmmunity aims to develop the total Christian person so that he/she may become a better spouse, parent/child, employer/ employee, professional/ businessman, neighbor, and member of the larger community/society.

ListRank: 44ListRank: 44

Sunflower Computer Club

List to keep computer club members of current and special events

ListRank: 44ListRank: 44

Hack Pittsburgh: News/Discussion

Mailing list for news and discussion about Hack Pittsburgh, a hackerspace located in Pittsburgh, PA

ListRank: 44ListRank: 44

astronoomiaühingu Ridamus mailinglist

Astronoomiaühingu Ridamus avalike vaatluste mailinglist. This is the mailing list of an Estonian non-profit astronomy organization with the name Ridamus.

ListRank: 44ListRank: 44


Computer users at the PWG

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42

Greater Hampton Roads Regional Black Alumni Council (GHRRBAC)

This is a listserv for Black alumni of Virginia Tech who live in the Greater Hampton Roads / Tidewater area of the State of Virginia. The Greater Hampton Roads Regional Black Alumni Council (GHRRBAC) is a group of concerned VA Tech African-American Alumni dedicated to supporting and enhancing the VA Tech Colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, and others through diverse recruiting, mentoring, and nurturing of new and prospective students. The GHRRBAC also provides programs and activities designed to increase professional development and networking opportunities for alumni who are part of the council. The majority of GHRRBAC list members are skilled professionals in science, technology, and business fields.

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42

Group purchasing in Vendee, Fr

Organize and manage group purchasing of organic products (mainly grocery), share information about products and local producers

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42

Ross Point Board

Discussion list for the Ross Point Board of Directors

ListRank: 40ListRank: 40


An email list for the BMVFSC Board of Directors.

ListRank: 40ListRank: 40

Foundation around the FRE and agricultural robotics

Email discussion about the launch and start-up phase of the FRE Foundation (working title): a foundation around the Field Robot Event and agricultural robotics in general.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38

Friends of Students for 60K

Our organization helps the needy locally, nationally and internationally. In particular we implement projects in Nicaragua for the poor. Projects such as building houses, schools, latrines, potable water and irrigation. We use existing and research new technologies that will make the lives of the people we serve better.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38


Mailinglist for German users of RISC OS Computers (Archimedes, RiscPC, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, Panda Board, Pandora).

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38


Discussion list for members of the Rocketry Organization of California, an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educational outreach through rocketry. ROC is Section #538 of the National Association of Rocketry, and Prefecture #48 of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. See for more details and our launch schedule.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38

MedGuy1's Speaker Recording

Bringing the message of recovery to modern technology using voice recording

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38

Traffic Control User Group

A list for traffic control engineers working for (or on behalf of) UK highway authorities. It is open to all staff of organisations eligible for membership of the CSS Traffic Systems Group (formerly TCUG). It is not open to suppliers or contractors.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38


A list for members of the Deafblind Multihandicapped Association of Tx. Members share up-to-date information about deafblindness and services in Texas.

ListRank: 38ListRank: 38

Board Discussion List

Exclusively for use by members of the Board of Directors and upper management.

ListRank: 36ListRank: 36

WI Young Birders Club

This email forum is created for members of the WI Young Birders Club to facilitate easy communication among club members.

ListRank: 36ListRank: 36

CTCA Foundation List

Mail list for Foundation Trustees

ListRank: 34ListRank: 34

Roosevelt Dads Club Email List

This is an email list for a not for profit elementary school Dad's club so that we can more easily correspond while coordinating events. Roosevelt Elementary school is located in Tampa Florida.

ListRank: 34ListRank: 34

Ingegneria Senza Frontiere - Genova

Mailing list di Ingegneria Senza Frontiere - Genova. ISF è un'associazione che opera, senza scopo di lucro, nell’ambito della cooperazione internazionale per la risoluzione di problemi tecnici nei paesi in via di sviluppo, nell’ottica del miglioramento globale della qualità della vita.

ListRank: 34ListRank: 34

Hvezdy Radosova

'Old Stars of Radosov' - the ex-members of folklore ensemble Radosov discuss their meetings and further dancing activity.

ListRank: 32ListRank: 32

NTNM Subscribers List

A list for customers who subscribe to RNIB's National Talking Newspapers and Magazines service to provide feedback and discuss future developments

ListRank: 32ListRank: 32

Alabama Canine Coalition Member Discussion

Discussion list for the members of the Alabama Canine Coalition, Inc. Open discussion on local news and laws pertaining to dogs, educating pet owners about animal legislation, upcoming events.

ListRank: 32ListRank: 32

HackPittsburgh Shop Updates

This is a limited posting list for use by various automatic processes within our Hacker Space. Members who wish to have email notifications of changes in the status of the shop and various equipment therein can subscribe if they want to. In order to avoid spamming our members on the hackpgh-discuss list, this separate list was requesteed.

ListRank: 32ListRank: 32

Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists Ontario

The Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists Ontario listserv. To allow members to discuss environmental issues, sustainability, technology and developments. To share knowledge and network.

ListRank: 30ListRank: 30

Leaders of Cub Scout Pack 163 - Waukesha, WI

Leaders of Cub Scout Pack 163 A Member of the Fox River District of the Potawatomi Area Council Chartered By Bethesda Parent Teacher Organization Bethesda Elementary School, Waukesha, Wisconsin Mailing List for communication between leaders

ListRank: 30ListRank: 30

Club Genuss

A club whose members try to combine technology and nature.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

Redwood Men Communicate

This group has been formed to utilize the Internet as a means of developing an online community of men who want to exchange information about men's personal growth. Internet resources and tools that promote men's growth will be shared by subscribers to this list. Discussion is geared toward how personal challenges such as a loss, a joy, or a success may bring about a new meaning or expansion of thought or consciousness. Information about ways men might exude a positive male image while maintaining the integrity of the male experience is also included. This group has been created by members of the Redwood Men's Center, a non-profit men's organization based in Sonoma County, California.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

Digital Talk

German discussion forum for Digitalk Talk readers, a free German computer magazine on 5,25" discs for the legendary Commodore 64 computer!

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

ACOI for Africa

ACOI wish to coordinate the activities of the Italian surgeons in Africa. This list allows members to communicate with each other to carry out this program.

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

Bureau Gebull

Liste de diffusion pour le Bureau de l'association Gatîne et Bocage Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libre

ListRank: 28ListRank: 28

Black Gold IT Discussions

Discussion among IT support personnel of the Black Gold Library Cooperative at multiple locations to assist each other in support of local PCs, printers, application software, and network equipment.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Südwind Aktiv-ist.innen

Diese Liste dient dem Austausch zwischen Südwind-AktivistInnen in ganz Österreich.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Global Harmony Association

Discussion of peace through harmony in US Part of Global Harmony Association. We include 4 spheral sections: Sociogroup, Infogroup, Orggroup, and Techno(eco)group. Ours is an ongoing international peace initiative with the objective of educating everyone in scientific principles of harmony education.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Saint Cloud Area Human Services Council

The Saint Cloud Area Human Services Council is a network group consisting of providers covering a large variety of industries, all targeting at improving the community through awareness, technology, medicine, and education.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Hopkinsville-Christian County Interagency Council

Hopkinsville-Christian County Interagency Council is an organization comprised of non-profit and government human service providers in Christian County Kentucky. Our purpose is to support our organizations in our efforts to meet the service needs of county residents. The purpose of this listserv is to share events of interest and provide resource tips on the various email, web, and computer technologies utilized by member agencies for activities such as case managing clients, outreach to potential clients, public relations, fundraising, board governance, staff management, and financial management to mention a few areas.

ListRank: 26ListRank: 26

Bluemound Heights Neighborhood

Mailing list to utilize technology to automate communications between law enforcement and citizens. Some e-mails will contain links to images captured by Web cams and still cameras. Others will be used for collaboration on potential technologies to enhance communications and information exchange.

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