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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 07:28:42 +0300

>I'm less than clear on what you wrote: presumably this refers to 
a different -- or second -- VPC emulation module ?  (I was not 
aware that one existed for Win 3.1, in that event.)  Otherwise, 
you would be talking about some sort of dual boot ?  Probably not 
the latter, as my experiments with having 32-bit Win-7 and XP 
peacefully coexist in a dual-booting scenario have been plagued by 
severe problems, and I'm starting to think that setup is not worth 
the trouble.  

Not at all. I first installed DOS 6 and then Windows 3.1x in the usual way as 
one would do. Both are on the same VPC virtual disk. Then you start Windows 3.1 
from the DOS prompt and go back to it by exiting. No dual boot, it was not 
invented back then. When in Windows 3.1, just open a DOS box and tweak it into 
whatever you like. I maximize the VPC session when in Win 3.1 and have a 
gorgeous DOS box with custom font and all. This is very doable and stable. You 
can automate the loading of the DOS box in the Windows 3.1. If you have never 
used Win 3.1, there is a more modern front-end to Win 3.1, namely Calmira 
( Calmira gives you the basic amenities of XP without 
the bloat. (I personally prefer Praxim, which is a commercial command line 
replacement of Program Manager). 

Actually Virtual PC is just a DOS/Win 3.1  machine without separate hardware. 
It just works. I have all my old Win 3.1 programs running perfectly: Quark, 
Ventura etc. Even DOS Word 5.0 runs (which is not Y2K compliant, and has to be 
used in the 1900s - I just adjust the clock of the virtual session, does not 
mess with the host system clock) . For Win 3.1 installation see my readme.txt 
in the DOS additions zip file. This is certainly a worth a try. 

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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