Re: XY4 in Win7-64

  • From: "William H. TeBrake" <tebrake@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 15:38:47 -0400


I recently moved to a Windows 7 machine (64 bit) but still needed to be able to run NotaBene 9 from time to time. NotaBene 10 runs beautifully on the 64 bit machine, but because it is still in Beta with some of its functions not fully implemented, I simply loaded a complete iteration of Windows XP within the free VMWare Player. It works like a charm: accesses all devices (network, CD/DVD drive, scanner, printer, and more) of the Windows 7 machine; allows drag and drop between the Windows 7 host and the Windows XP client. And, with Dropbox installed on both host and client, syncing between the two is dead easy. I have yet to find a problem with this scenario. Because my new machine has 8 gigs of ram, there is plenty of room for more than one running at the same time. I have since added a full install of Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTE) to the VMWare player, and even with the host and two clients there is no noticeable slowing of any of them. By the way, those of you struggling with XYWrite under VirtualPC, you might want to try the VMWare Player instead: simply install a Windows 3.1 or 95 or 98 client. It costs nothing (you don't need their paid-for VMWare Workstation at all); it is simple to remove if you don't like it; it has a large community of people who offer help and assistance. Just make sure you install the VMWare Tools for your specific client.

Best regards,

William TeBrake
UMaine History, Emeritus

On 7/29/2012 12:49 PM, J R FOX wrote:
I'm less than clear on what you wrote: presumably this refers to
a different -- or second -- VPC emulation module ?  (I was not
aware that one existed for Win 3.1, in that event.)  Otherwise,
you would be talking about some sort of dual boot ?  Probably not
the latter, as my experiments with having 32-bit Win-7 and XP
peacefully coexist in a dual-booting scenario have been plagued by
severe problems, and I'm starting to think that setup is not worth
the trouble.


--- On Fri, 7/27/12, Kari Eveli <lexitec@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The best way of getting great DOS windows is to install
Windows 3.1 and to use Windows 3.1 DOS boxes. They are the
most compatible DOS boxes I have seen, and performance is
better under Windows 3.1 DOS boxes than under plain VPC DOS.
For example, when I run a data-intensive Clipper application
under a DOS box the run time is cut in half.

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