Re: XY4 in Win7-64

  • From: Jon P <xywrite4@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 17:41:49 -0700 (PDT)

I'm not sure what you mean, Carl. Where does the .dll file have to be?  I ran 
the zipfile, but no change. 

When I hit the clip key, the copy is clipped, according to the message within 
XY. But I don't think it overwrites the Windows Clipboard, because when I tried 
to copy it into Notepad, I got the previous clipboard text from my last Win7 

DosBOX is a program that runs under Win7-64, which places it in a folder called 
Program Files(x86), which I would presume are 32-bit programs that Win7 runs in 
Win32 mode.  It appears to me that when DosBOX is running, its whole world is 
my C:\XY folder, which it is seeing as the C: drive. 

I don't think it can call anything outside my XY folder. So if it's calling VBS 
in Windows, I don't think it's getting through. I don't get any error messages 
or crashes, just no response.

An alternate way to run XY4 on Win7 is to install Microsoft's Virtual PC and a 
full XP operating system. Which I can do, but posters on this list have said 
that it's slow. And I have no idea how or if XP within Virtual PC communicates 
with Win7, so the same problem might exist. 

Any other thoughts appreciated. Has anyone made CLIP.EXE work from DOSBox? 

Jon Pareles 

> Another stab: Make sure that MSVBVMxx.DLL (where "xx" is a
> number
> like 60, or maybe 50) is in the Path. It probably is, but if
> not,
> download it here:
> Unzip, then command VBRUN60SP6.EXE at a DOS command prompt.
> This
> installs the DLL file. You should be good to go -- IF that
> was the
> problem.
> As I write this, I'm wondering: you do have DOSBox running
> under
> 32-bit Windows of some kind, don't you? Forgive the
> ignorant
> question, but note that CLIP.EXE requires Win32.
> I really ought to try setting up Xy4 on my wife's Win7-64
> machine,
> just for the experience. (But then again, there are so many
> things I
> ought to do.)
> -- 
> Carl Distefano
> cld@xxxxxxxxxx
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