Re: XY4 in Win7-64

  • From: Jon P <xywrite4@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:23:44 -0700 (PDT)

Apologies for a very itchy Send button. 

If I can figure out the CLIP.EXE problem, DOSBox will do the job just fine. I 
now have a window size I like. 

Run Portable.PM and substitute its STARTUP.INT and SETTINGS.DFL for the ones in 
the XY you are moving to the Thinkpad. 

D-Box, a frontend for DOSBox, will basically make a batchfile to run XY when 
you click on it. 

Alt-Enter gives you fullscreen but that freezes my Thinkpad 4291-2WU. In the 
DosBOX program folder (in Program Files(x86) you can click on Dosbox-0.74 
Options.bat and get the configuration file. 

I changed it to windowresolution=800x600  (instead of original) for an XY 
window about 1/3 of the screen. You can pick another standard ratio.  And for 
fullresolution, you could also pick a larger ratio. To make those take effect, 
you also need to change output=overlay. 

Now to figure out CLIP.EXE...

Jon Pareles 

> I, too, have just acquired a new ThinkPad T420i burdened
> with Windows 7 
> as its operating system.  If not in DosBox, Carl, then
> how would you 
> recommend best running Xy4 and/or portable.PM on that
> machine?
>   - Peter Goldberger, Ardmore, PA

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