Re: XY4 in Win7-64

  • From: Carl Distefano <cld@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 00:25:37 -0400

Reply to note from Jon P <xywrite4@xxxxxxxxx> Fri, 27 Jul 2012
20:41:52 -0700 (PDT)


> CLIP.EXE appears to be a lost cause, but the Edit menu of
> Virtual PC has a Paste function that pastes from Windows into XY

Does Virtual PC have the ability to write the contents of a file to
the clipboard? That would enable you to paste from Xy into Windows:
save file in Xy, use Virtual PC to transfer contents of file to

Failing that, you could download the 64-bit version of Nir Sofer's
utility NirCmd, here:

Unzip the files into a directory of your choice, say C:\NirCmd.

Create a Desktop shortcut to:

C:\NirCmd\NirCmd.exe clipboard readfile "d:\path\myclip.txt"

Make sure that "d:\path\myclip.txt" is a file that's accessible to
both Win7 and Xy. (I assume that this is doable. If not, then this
ploy doesn't work.)

Now, to move text from Xy to the clipboard, you would first DeFine 
your text in Xy and command SAD/NV d:\path\myclip.txt<cr|XC> to save
it to that file. (You can, of course, assign this command to a key.)
Switch to the Desktop and double-click your NirCmd icon. This copies
the contents of myclip.txt into the clipboard, whence you can paste it
into any Windows app.

NirCmd has lots of nifty uses, as you can see from the web page
( A couple of years ago I
posted a U2 frame that integrates the 32-bit version of NirCmd with
the Xy4 CMline. Unfortunately, that wouldn't help you in the 64-bit

Carl Distefano

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