Re: XY4 in Win7-64

  • From: Bill Troop <billtroop@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:20:40 +0100

Advanced tip: By using a bitmap font editor you can change the DOSAPP.FON, which is used by the DOS boxes.

Kari, this brings up some interesting questions.

1. What fonts are available to use in Win3.1?

2. There is the larger question, how do fonts in Dos-under-Win apps render? For example, suppose you are using windowed Xy-Write in Win 7-32. You have chosen to use Lucida console at 24 points, which nicely fills up 1900x1200 window using 43 DOS lines. Does ClearType get at that font? If it doesn't, what sort of hinting is used? (I need to make some tests, assuming that Snipping Tool will give a completely acccurate screenshot of a DOS window.) Similarly, how are fonts rendered in these other scenarios? Is the original greyscale anti-aliasing system honored? Does ClearType take over at any point?

OK, I've done a simple test, and include the resultant jpegs. It's very easy to tell at once the difference in the Eudora window between CT on and CT off. (Needless to say, these are screenshots off an LCD optimized for ClearType with the built-in CT tool.)

With the Xy4 images, it is not at all obvious. But if you enlarge the jpegs to the maximum extent that (for example) Windows Viewer allows, you can see that there is color anti-aliasing of the fonts with CT on, and only greyscale anti-aliasing with CT off. The CT forms seem to be superior. A big surprise to me is the number of very faint pixels that are turned on several pixels distant from the actual letterforms. I would have expected pure black there. That's true both with CT on and CT off.

One other question, Kari. I notice that in the screenshot you last showed, you are using black text on a white background. This will often provide maximum subjective clarity of the letterforms but doesn't it also produce considerable additional eyestrain?

Many thanks,


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