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Since this has been an ongoing discussion. I’ve used CSG in the past but now I 
want to setup the VPX so I can test the Ipad’s and Iphone with xenapp from 
outside. The VPX is a lot more complicated than CSG, does anyone have a good 
how to for just setting the VPX as a ICA proxy (the free stuff)




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Maybe because the iPad isn't as critical as all that. 

An access gateway is a license cost and an infrastructure change - with the 
possibility that it replaces/works alongside an alternative that is already in 
place. Sure theres the free version - but even that needs a hypervisor. Sure 
that is free to license.. but there's a good amount of 'change'  here  

Effectively the receiver for an iPad is not 'free' outside of the office's 


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That sounds like exactly what Jo Harder keeps saying!


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> Question I have is, if the iPad is becoming critical at the customer site
> wouldn't they want to invest in AG?  For one, it's a supported
> and second if remote access becomes critical the access solution can
> be made HA.
> Don't get me wrong, CSG is great simple/small solutions but when they
> outgrow it's time to upgrade.
> Joe

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