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  • From: Peter J Nebergall <iusar4s@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 09:23:54 -0500

There's an English rebuild shop, in Northamptonshire, I believe, called
Hawker Restorations.  Though of course their bread and butter work is the
Hurricane, they've done Spitfires and P51s...  Might check..

P.J. Nebergall

On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 18:22:58 -0700 Don Williams <dwilli10@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> At 05:48 PM 7/6/2006 -0700, you wrote:
> >Kieth,
> >
> >Naw!  What he really means is that the main wing spar has the web 
> >made of aluminium and the spar caps are made of a different 
> >metal.  This leads to
> >bi-metallic corrosion in which the least anodic metal is corroded 
> away.
> >
> >Probably Don could explain it better, as I just had 3 Margaritas 
> and 
> >might have difficulty explaining metallurgical problems.
> >
> >Glad to hear from Don again.
> >
> >Jerry
> Rocky explained it a different way, but I may have it wrong since I 
> was sitting in my car to depart Wilmington after a dive session and 
> he was kneeling outside with the engine running.
> My understanding is that the main spar was extruded with one 
> aluminum 
> alloy on the inside and another over that.  That completely hid any 
> anodic effects from casual inspection and the problem was found as a 
> result of either a crash, or at least a failure on the ground, maybe 
> even when a plane was being chopped up in the bone yard.
> I can't say Jerry is not correct about built-up construction since 
> he's in the business, but that doesn't explain why a simple 
> inspection of a built-up assembly wouldn't have disclosed the 
> problem earlier.
> Anyhow, I just found Kent Rockwell's email address and sent him a 
> query.  The message hasn't bounced yet so I suppose I have the right 
> one.
> I do know that Rocky did about 50 Mustangs at Corona and then quit 
> that business, not sure why; however I think the job just took too 
> much personal supervision, given the ultimate risks.  I also know 
> that he did not do Tom Cruise's P-51.
> I do have the notion that some re builders did not always install a 
> new-model main spar, but on the other hand I haven't heard of any 
> crashes in the civilian sector due to wing failure.
> We will see.
> Don Williams
> La Jolla, CA

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