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  • Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 07:06:04 -0700

Hi Don;
Glad you're back in one piece, more or less. Are we going to see you at a California Classic Equipment Divers’ rally anytime soon?

Slobodan Dimitrov
Studio G-8,
Angels Gate Cultural Center

On Jul 5, 2006, at 5:09 PM, Don Williams wrote:

Yes, I'm back. I haven't been lurking, I just haven't been using the computer.

I went to the doctors office about a month ago and walked out 3 weeks later with a Vena cava clot filter, a full heart catheterization, about 5 new ways to visualize my heart and lungs, a triple heart bypass, and a nice little pacemaker.

Therefore, I'll just read the old postings for now so I don't get out of sync and spoil any threads.

I also have some pictures I took of my (demo unit) pacemaker, which is very nice and compact. If any one is interested just let me know and I'll send them off list. (Only problem is the camera is a small, but high resolution digital, and when we got home my wife hid it from the one-day housekeeper and now she can't find the camera. Some day we will find it.)

My apologies to anyone who might have wished that I had taken in a Rollei, but there is just a limit to what one can pack and protect in a hospital environment.

I had a room, overlooking the Torrey Pines Golf course and the glider port and got a few shots, not many, of that scene. [It's hard to shoot through double pane glass even when you turn off all the room lights, put blankets behind you, etc. The ambient light from the scene itself tends to scatter around between the surfaces. I found a 90 degree shot works best, that is with the camera lens right against the inside glass, but that severely limits your ability to compose a good shot.]

If you know this area, you know about Torrey PInes, which was also the place they picked up Scott Peterson as he was unloading his borrowed clubs from the trunk of his borrowed car.

The weird thing about all of this is that after putting it off for 6 years I decided to have a knee replacement and set up my annual physical just to be sure I could handle the surgery. My primary doctor told me to exercise to build up my leg muscles. The next day she called me and said "stop exercising, I saw something drastically different in your EKG from the last one you had 3 years ago. It all followed from that.

The good part is that today I visited my cardiologist and my heart surgeon and go full clearance to drive, scuba dive, exercise to whatever limits I can handle, and enroll in the cardiac rehab program.

I'm convinced that Scripps Clinic and Green Hospital (Think Cecil Green, founder of T.I.) is one of the best cardiac hospitals in the country.

I didn't see a Planar or Xenotar, but saw masses of Fuji film-less X-ray systems. Sometimes when getting something simple, such as a chest X-ray, by the time I could get back to the control area, the images had already been sent to the doc and to the archives. (I like to see just what's in me, from time to time.) I remember a few years back, when they had to process (dry-process I guess) film, you had a chance to see the picture. No longer.

Anyhow, free at last, and ready to explain why a just about any Planar is better than a Xenotar under any circumstances. I've owed both.


Don Williams
La Jolla, CA

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