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 All good points. You can't make a silk purse out of sow's ear Dep't. The real 
goods must be on the negative. So we're back to the guy behind the camera 
again. The buck stops with him. There comes a time when practice ends and we're 
post-graduate. I call it the 'take-off moment." We continue to learn, but it's 
from experience and what we learn is incidental and en passant. We're actually 
into doing real work. 
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  >Again, *in some cases*, the original image just acts as a canvas and
it's the post-processing that creates the 
>WOW factor.
>There are various excellent examples in Tim Rudman's books where the
straight prints look (sorry Tim !) just 
>boring but the final result is of another magnitude.

I have a completely different take on this.  If a straight print is
boring then no amount of manipulation is going to turn that negative
into a great photo.  Just producing a striking print is not enought.
There has to be someting there to start with.  That's the reason that I
don't tone or do anything else to my prints.  If a negative can't speak
for itself then nothing is going to help it and that's the end of it.

Copying others is a good learning technique but not something that one
wants to keep doing.  I am reminded of the composer Engelbert
Humperdinck who venerated the work of Wagner.  Except for his opera
Hansel and Gretel he comes off as a second rate, imitation Wagner.
There are too many two bit Ansel Adams in photography today.  To cite
only one example.

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