[pure-silver] Re: The Quest and My Heresy??

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  • Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 04:38:57 -0600

Stein wrote:

PS: This should open a Saturday Can 'O Worms.

Wow.  I bet it does.

It's not all old age that has changed our appreciation of the pictures. Playboy has been sending me a free subscription for many years so their ad rates can be based on circulation numbers that the magazine could never support otherwise. I think the big change came when Hef's daughter took over and started her own little joke against the young men of the world. Good looking women, especially blondes, quickly disappeared from the pages.

As in art, modern men have to be told not only what is supposed to be sexy, but also who is sexy. And as in art, I guess I was absent the day they had the brainwashing. They haven't convinced me that botox lips and silicone and fried skin have replaced nature in the target of my hormones. Now the magazine is aimed at guys that have never seen a real girl or real skin. I could understand photoshopping to improve flaws, but they simply airbrush over the skin from head to foot, and the girl is simply gone. I regret to say, since the girls are gone, I read it for the articles.

Regards...   Dick Gifford

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