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  • From: "Gunnar Bulukin" <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 21:30:34 +0200

Klaus and Roger,

Thanks for feedback, now things can only get better;-)
About "video" I have no clue. As Roger pointed out, other stations at the
same time, it´s something that I notice when SA2ATJ is connecting to me,
speed Thor 16,8 is normal but when no other traffic, PSK500.

I notice that my SQL turns of by it self!  result: pskmailserver prints
"busy" for a long time) Per had an idea of LF disturbances but I lowered the
output and put some extra trapps on the coax but still no change.
Anyone has any idea of why? 

73 de Gunnar

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Gunnar, I also saw something with "... video..." on the bottom of the
fldigi-UI. Never paid any attention to it and in my settings
(fldigi/configuration/ID/Video Premable ID) it is definitely OFF.


Am 06.04.2011 11:12, schrieb G6CKR:
> I think I saw part of the exchange it looked like you may have had 
> Video ID turned on at one point but you were not too strong so it was 
> hard to tell but I was fairly sure I saw a well defined Q at one point.
> On 06/04/11 07:54, Klaus Lohmann wrote:
>> Hello Gunnar.
>> I had a strong and undisturbed Signal from your Server, but 
>> communicatien soon went down to MFSK16 and even THOR8. I aborted the 
>> connection, it was consuming too much time on the channel.
>> Could see this behavior with other Stations, so it must be something 
>> in my setup. No idea yet. Will try from the boat in a couple of weeks 
>> with a completely different rig.
>> I did not observe and record the strength of your beacons. But as I 
>> hear you now regularly, it is obviously better.
>> 73, Klaus
>> Am 05.04.2011 18:07, schrieb Gunnar Bulukin:
>>> Hi Klaus DL4OAH,
>>> I noticed that you were trying to connect to my server SA6BQZ-1, did 
>>> you get an working connection?
>>> I just put up a new antenna and it seems to be working much better 
>>> than before.
>>> Feedback please.
>>> 73 de SA6BQZ Gunnar

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