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  • Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 19:48:52 +0100

No I have not told anyone on fldigi mailing lists.

This issue has been around for a long time and Rein and Per has tried to
inform the people behind fldigi with no result.
The script that Rein made works but the change should be done in fldigi and
not with workarounds in Pskmail.
There was a discussion before that pskmail never will work with fldigi due
to pskmail and there was nothing wrong with fldigi!
I am not the person to know what is right or wrong but one thing I know is
that trying to teach the group of sailors, that I work with, how to get
Pskmail up and running is worthless, mostly because I can not get it up
running myself.
They know most everything about how to sail but computer knowhow is low.
If Pskmail should reach more people then "computernurds" it must be much
easier to install and work.
I think that the V2 version is the way to go.
It took me one hour to get RMS Express using Winmore with both a Rigblaster
and a SB-2000 working.
It was with getting the new xxx@winlink mail address and doing the
radioconfirmation (via Telnet!) to get it up running the other night when we
had a radiocourse at the club.
I did not know anything before from using that system but the club members
needed to learn how-to!!
To get V2 up running we could each test a specific part of it, for example
different rigs and interfaces, under the supervision of Per and Rein and
give the test results back to them. That way we would take some load of
there shoulders, and having to buy Rein beer would not be so expensive ;-)

Skype meeting???

73 de Gunnar

PS. I know that most of this maybe a Windows problem but putting Ubuntu in
the hands of a sailor will only give the "support team" headache. DS.

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> But I think that the version using fldigi is too unsafe so I am trying to
get the V2 working.

Have you told one of the fldigi mailing lists ?

Maye someone is working on the problem ? Unfortunately there does not seem
to be much information and collaboration on these lists, which would greatly

Have you considered freezing a stable version of fldigi in your own
repository ?

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