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I'll have to install and fire up the program to see if there's an issue with 
all that "red".  It could be that they use a different color scheme that 
goes against what I said earlier.  If the original recorder had its own 
built-in microphone, it should have recorded equally on both sides, but it 
would still be considered as a monophonic recording since both sides were 
receiving the same sound.  What I suspect has happened is that the tape 
itself is reaching the end of its useful life and losing magnetic particles, 
more on one side than the other which would cause the differences you're 

    If you're not seeing any difference when adjusting the gains, then they 
are not set to do what you're expecting them to do.  They may still be set 
as input gain control if you're listening back to what has already been 
ripped to the hard drive.  If you're trying to rip it now, the gain may be 
set to something other than the input from the 'line in' or however you're 
bringing the signal into the computer.

    If the tape automatically rewound itself, it's because your tape deck is 
designed to do that with all tapes when they get to the end.  Most tape 
decks can do this and there may be a control somewhere to turn off that 


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Hi Gman,

Had to break for awhile.  First, it seems strange now that the "only color"
I see is red for the right and left bars that show when I am recording.  I
guess that is called the "meter" right?  But if I set it back to "mono" then
only one side lights up when recording.  The tapes I am currently trying to
record onto the hard drive were recorded in an old boombox that I was
assuming "stereo" not mono?  Since it had a balance knob for left and right?
I can  only speculate if I had it right in the middle of the balance mark
when recording but I probably had it close.

What confuses me is why I see no change if I mess with the "gain" for the
left or right after I set the split stereo.  I thought I could adjust one or
the other but now my thinking is go "post edit", easier ;0.  I think I
should just not mess with the gain and all that on one channel or the other.
But is it correct that I am seeing totally red in both bars when recording?

Also I did try using that tapehead cleaner and demagntizer thing.  It said
to put two drops on the tape and put it in the tapeplayer pushing "play"
till it stops,  It also said do not rewind it.  Well I did that and it
sounded like the tape was rewinding on its own ..., I only pushed play.
This tapeplayer is not a boombox, but a home component.

Your thoughts?


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