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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 23:34:35 -0400

Ok, I see the screenshots.

The first one shows the interface for the program.  Judging by the full 
width of the taskbar at the bottom, it appears to be a full screen 
screenshot.  If that's true, you should really consider getting yourself a 
bigger monitor.  It would allow you to see more of the song at one time (and 
more of everything else for that matter).         ;0}

The second one shows some controls, but I don't see a cursor, so it's 
difficult for me to tell what you clicked to make that appear.  The controls 
themselves are somewhat self explanatory and you probably have them figured 
out by now with that site you quoted before.  I still don't have it 
installed, so I can't check them myself yet.

The third one shows the properties where you choose your Input method.  I 
see you've selected your hardware, which is good.  But I also see that it's 
set for a single channel, which I disagree with.  Let it record both sides 
of your source and then YOU determine which side is better if the original 
is a monophonic recording.  After making that decision, delete the other one 
and only work on the side that remains.  If you try to edit one of your 
radio tapes, you'll be losing half of the stereo data with the settings the 
way they're shown here.  Of course, none of the Recording options will 
matter if you take my earlier advice and use a different app to rip them to 
your hard drive in stereo WAV format.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> Gman,
> you are now ahead of me heheee,,,I have not uploaded them yet and may not
> need to now but more later...just call me scatterbrain for now.
> Christine 

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