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See below.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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"Assuming your source tape recorded the performances across both
channels of the cassettes, I've found it best to record it 'as is' and see
whatever I have to work with 'in post'.  If one side is much worse than the
other, I will usually delete the bad side and then simply work on cleaning
up the good side all by itself.  When I'm finished and happy with my result,
I'll mirror that over to the other side to create a two channel monophonic

Gman, when you say "if one side is much worse than the other", do you mean
the left or right channel like where I adjust it using the balance knob on
the tapeplayer? Side = channel?  (left channel and right channel?).

    That is exactly what I'm saying.  Stereo signals travel across two 
distinct channels, one left and one right.  Monophonic signals only require 
a single channel, but are sometimes sent over both left and right signal 
lines.  Since both channels contain the same information, toss out the side 
that sounds worse than the other, edit the better side to your satisfaction 
and then mirror that signal to the 'other' side to fill up both channels 
with the same information.  The result will be a dual channel, monophonic 
recording of the performance that will play through both sides of any stereo 
or computer system it's played through.

  And you
are saying you could basically delete the left or right channel if one
sounds better?  If so, I am confused how to use the solo or whatever you use
to just play back one channel at a time.  Then by mirroring, I guess you
mean duplicate it (create a new soundtrack basically and mix the two
together?) to create one soundtrack?  By two channel monophonic file then no
left and right?

The Solo control allows you to isolate one channel or the other.  You can 
use that to compare the two when deciding which channel to save for editing. 
As explained above (as well as what you also state here), you'll end up with 
the same finished product sitting on both the left AND right channels when 
you're done.  The mirroring will be the very last step.

I worked three times in a recording studio many years ago singing backup for
a musician and I sang about four or five harmony tracks that they mixed all
together for the background.  It was cool, the whole process of it but work
for me to learn the parts ;).

I can both empathize as well as sympathize with you on this.       :O)

This is what I have been trying to do find out how to control the signals
that I see in the bars, but nothing seems to change them much yet.  I am
thinking I should have left it at "mono" the default and maybe it records as
stereo like you said?

I'll be better able to help you once I get the chance to install the 
program.  I've just been really swamped lately.        :O( 

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