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  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 15:30:34 -0600

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Would you build a new antenna factory, knowing that the current
> standard is going to be replaced with a technology that will not
> need outdoor antennas?

Only because the standard exists today, and the future isn't here yet.

I'm absolutely NOT saying here that ATSC, or any one-way broadcast TV, is here 
to stay. I fully concur with Mark Aitken's thinking, from his broadcaster's 
perspective. As a user, though, as of now, OTA TV is still providing a valuable 
piece of the puzzle.

> Clearly the standard can work quite well for those who choose not
> to subscribe to a multi-channel service.

*Or* those who do subscribe to a traditional cable company, but choose to use 
it as a broadband link, and maybe telephone service, only. Verizon FiOS offers 
such double-play packages.

I know that some MVPDs offer these great deals, where they include the basic TV 
tier for next to nothing, for the first year. So for those customers who can 
resist getting lured, OTA TV is available to them too. Let the MVPDs worry 
about competing with that, as I'm sure they will, which can only benefit all 

> A wonderful case of rationalization by someone who has long
> questioned why anyone would look at "all that stuff" on cable...

No, Craig, you're sorely mistaken. I've long questioned why anyone would want 
to get *roped in* to the monopolistic, walled in service. It's no mystery to me 
that they like having a zillion channels to watch.

Remember, I'm the one who keeps saying that OTA broadcasters should make better 
use of the spectrum they have, offering more interesting subchannels. I'm the 
one who constantly questions this notion that broadcasters should limit what's 
on OTA TV. In the current economic climate, if broadcasters/congloms want their 
stuff to be seen at all, they ought to consider putting more of it on the more 
affordable distribution pipe, IMO. And they are slowly heading that way, or 
seem to be.

Alternatively or simultaneously, the congloms can also put more of their full 
episodes on their Internet sites. That works too. Ultimately, that online 
service could replace a lot of what OTA TV is still useful for, I certainly 
concur with that! Just that the congloms aren't comfortable doing this yet.


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