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  • Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 15:31:45 -0600

Dale Kelly wrote:

> Our comments about "it not working" were simply regarding ATSC
> reception under certain circumstances.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my recollection is that ATSC in Mark's apartment 
worked perfectly well, at long last, after the CE vendors had designed a 
receiver as they should have done from the start.

My rendition of this story is that early ATSC receivers were known to be 
compromised, early ATSC broadcasts were known to be compromised (low antenna 
height and sometimes egregiously low transmitter power), almost as if the CE 
companies and the broadcasters WANTED to see DTV fail.

We might never know what exactly went into the "cold fusion" receiver that 
worked perfectly well in Mark's apartment, but we can make some educated 
guesses (tracking front end, dual IF, attention to noise figure). And we do 
know that early ATSC receivers could not even be bothered to use the 8-VSB 
training sequence, never mind complex demods, able to correct for phase as well 
as amplitude distortion.

The single-carrier standard may not be ideal for everything, although it does 
have its advantages (e.g. even for co-channel interference, which will be a big 
deal with the repacking), but I think people then, and now, are making a bigger 
deal of "modulation" than it deserves.

Just to rehash old posts.

Did I mention that in analog TV days, I got only 3 channels "well," and the 
remaining 8 ghosty? And now I get 37 channels "perfectly," of which 11 are HDTV?


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