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  • From: Ron Economos <w6rz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 15:34:20 -0800

It's not really an LTE problem per se, it's a spectrum issue. Verizon
and AT&T ended up with different 700 MHz frequencies in the
2008 auction. The new iPad versions can use the same LTE
chip, but the radios need to be tuned to different frequencies.

Verizon has a nationwide license in the upper C block (746 to 757 MHz
paired with 776 to 787 MHz). They can have a 10 MHz LTE channel
anywhere in the continental US.

AT&T has a bunch of licenses in the lower B (704 to 710 MHz paired with
734 to 740 MHz) and lower C (710 to 716 MHz paired with 740 to 746 MHz)
blocks. They can have a 10 MHz LTE channel in some cities (where
they have a license in both blocks), a 5 MHz LTE channel in other cities
and nothing at all in other areas. This is one of the reasons why they
bought the Qualcomm 700 MHz spectrum.

700 MHz band plan:


A nice spectrum mapping tool can be found here:



On 3/8/2012 5:50 AM, Craig Birkmaier wrote:
And it is the first iOS device to support 4G radios including LTE. But there is one very disturbing aspect of the LTE support - the AT&T and Verizon implementations are different and Apple is building two different versions of the iPad to support these carriers.

I thought LTE was supposed to unify the U.S. mobile broadband industry.

I guess I was wrong.


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