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  • Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 10:10:57 -0800

Bert wrote:

"I don't know why others have such a big problem, so I have to assume it is
not due to the propagation path, but more to front end overload, IM3
distortion, or other such effects, that decent receiver design would

For us in Las Vegas, I believe it is the propagation path.  Our major
broadcasters are on VHF.  And it isn't that you cannot receive some ATSC
channels, it is that you cannot receive all of them.

First, I know it is not power based, either too little or too much.

As we know, good ATSC reception on VHF frequencies is more difficult to
attain than UHF.  For our situation in Las Vegas, low power UHF are easily
attainable while the major broadcasts on 2-6 are very difficult to get.  Or
ABC affiliate is on channel 2 and is the most difficult to receive followed
by our lower powered PBS affiliate on channel 11.

I have only found one way to get these signals: a very wide (120-144" wide)
outdoor antenna with line of sight.  Without line of site, much of the
signal is coming from reflections.  The antenna must be moved left or
right, up or down, rotated, etc. to get one particular channel.  But then
you lose another channel.  One cannot place an antenna and get all channels
to be clean.  So I believe in our situation, it is the propagation path.

Perhaps there are lots of people in Las Vegas receiving ATSC without an
issue and I only about those that are having problems.  For those I help,
it always requires an attic or outdoor antenna with line-of-site.  Those in
apartments where they cannot mount an outdoor antenna must lose at least
channel 2, sometimes others.


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