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Cliff Benham wrote:

>> Oh, and I didn't add that my previous analog reception required
>> an outdoor antenna, or the vast majority of channels would be
>> very poor. Whereas now I'm using two of those Antennas Direct
>> quad stacked dipoles inside the fireplace, 90 degrees apart and
>> mixed together.
> Makes one wonder if *somehow* the chimney is acting as a crude
> waveguide for those mostly UHF signals.

Yes, I've wondered that myself.

The fireplace is one of those masonry ones, that sort of sticks out of the 
outside wall of the house, if you know what I mean. So that might have 
something to do with it too, although the antenna elevation is very low.

The TV towers aren't all that close. Most are 12.6 miles away, as the crow 
flies, one is 20.0 miles away, and two are in Baltimore, 46.6 miles away.

Back in my earlier DTV days, I was using the outdoor antenna for DTV, and could 
get more of the Baltimore stations, and one in Annapolis. The indoor antenna 
scheme, and the way two Baltimore stations went to low power VHF, undid 
reception of most of those distant stations, but it actually improved reception 
of the signals coming to me from the West.

Anyway, all I'm really saying is, DTV did a whole lot more than just retain 
spectrum for the broadcasters, as Craig says. It changed OTA TV for the better.


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