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Bert wrote;
>Did I mention that in analog TV days, I got only 3 channels "well," and the
remaining 8 ghosty? And now I get 37 channels "perfectly," of which 11 are

Congratulations, that is excellent and it is clear that current ATSC
receivers can work well in moderate RF conditions. Are you using an
integrated receiver and do you believe that relocating your current system
to Marks apartment could achieve suitable results? Perhaps Mark has more
recent reception experiences to share.

However, given that third party commercial attempts were recently made to
rectify the NYC reception issue thru rebroadcasting, I question whether
current integrated ATSC hardware is adequate in such an environment.

But having more questions than answers, as usual,

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Dale Kelly wrote:

> Our comments about "it not working" were simply regarding ATSC 
> reception under certain circumstances.

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