[opendtv] Re: Fewer than 2 Million have OTA DTV in US

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Sounds like you were an early "de-adopter".

John Willkie

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> Oops, typo.
> That should have read (about) 10 years ago that I canceled D*.  At first
> they had a plan designed for people also keeping basic cable.  It
> economically offered things like (IIRC) CNBC, CNN/Fn, and ZDTV in an
> inexpensive package.  They they moved a couple of these out of that
> package so I'd need the Total Choice package in order to get all of
> them.  It was somewhat confusing at the time since their web page was
> still advertising all of those channels as being in my package and it
> took a number of tech support phone calls to find why I was suddenly not
> getting some channels.  So I canceled.
> But I believe all that does come under the definition and curse of
> re-tiering, which I consider a sort of delayed bait & switch.
> - Tom

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