[opendtv] Re: Fewer than 2 Million have OTA DTV in US

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So you cancelled DirecTV more than 7 years before they started service?
Makes one wonder what the tiers were like in 1986.

I'm not saying bad (yet truthful) things about cable companies these days,
but I do suggest that people investigate cable companies before they decide
to move.

John Willkie

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> The "re-tiering" is what caused me to cancel DirectTV about 20 years ago
> and to cancel my Comcast PVR and digital subscription about one year ago.
> But my most recent bitch is the phone call I received a couple weeks ago
>   from the  Comcast "Compliance (Conformance?) Dept.".  I was informed I
> had downloaded too many bytes for the month and had risen onto some
> watch list.  If I was noticed again I would be punished and suspended
> for one year.  But they refused to tell me how much was actually allowed
> and I had used only a small fraction of their advertised bandwidth,
> assuming 24/7 usage.  The phone call reminded me of the humorous Lily
> Tomlin "Ma Bell" skit of some decades ago where she threatened they
> would "send a huge burly repairman to rip it out of the wall".  The
> cable companies are the new Ma Bell.  Needless to say I canceled
> Comcast.  I probably would have done so even if I hadn't been moving
> anyway.  ;-)
> - Tom

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