[opendtv] Re: Fewer than 2 Million have OTA DTV in US

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 12:26:26 -0800

You mean all I need to do to get the Sopranos in HD (HD content) is to buy a
DTT receiver?  Funny, my MyHD card doesn't seem to tune into HBO, even when
I connect it up to the analog cable feed.

John Willkie

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> Bob Miller wrote:
> >Less Than 2 Million OTA Digital Users
> >
> >http://broadcastengineering.com/RF/hd-ota-viewers-1221/
> >
> >That means less than 1.8% of the 110 million US households
> >are receiving OTA DTV after NINE years.
> Bob, you just recycled an old article we already discussed last week.
> What's
> the deal?
> The interesting part of that article is that 19 percent of people watching
> HDTV are getting their HDTV content from OTA sources. The other
> interesting
> part of Paxton's remarks was that people are resisting paying extra
> monthly
> fees for HD content, which of course they don't need to do if they use
> DTT.
> The obvious conclusion to draw from this is that it behooves broadcasters
> to
> continue to transmit HDTV in their DTT multiplexes, and that doing so
> should
> increase their share of the TV audience as more and more households buy HD
> sets (which they are doing), and refuse to pay more to their umbillical
> services. But hey. Wouldn't it help if broadcasters had spots to explain
> such simple little details on the air?
> Your railing about 8-VSB as a modulation has been way off base for years
> now. The only part of the repetitive mantra that one can legitimately
> wonder
> about is why it's taking so long to get good receivers out on store
> shelves,
> except as strictly mandated by the FCC. (And the associated questions of
> why
> broadcasters and retailers continue to irefuse to promote their DTT
> product,
> etc. etc. as we have discussed many times).
> For example, in a recent rant, you explained the situation with the old-
> tech
> STBs USDTV was forced to rely on. You explained that the LG 5th gen STBs
> for
> USDTV never materialized. Instead of falling back on your old standby,
> i.e.
> blaming the modulation with absolutely no evidence that it's the problem,
> you should be wondering why vendors are so adamant about their refusal to
> support US DTT with up-to-date products. Why did LG stubbornly refuse to
> make its 5th gen prototype solution available in FOTA DVRs, STBs, DVDRs?
> You
> never did answer that simple question with anything that made any sense.
> There is absolutely no legitimate reason why solutions developed in 2002
> remain unavailable in products sold through the end of 2006, other than
> strictly as integrated receivers in TV sets (and one, lone, Samsung
> plain-jane STB, which only just appeared). The old favorite excuse of cost
> has been proved to be without foundation *long* ago.
> I just hope that anyone making decisions on what to invest in does not
> passively listen to baseless fairy tales. There's no substitute for using
> your own head.
> Bert
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