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The Kurds are long gone.  You rarely hear about violence in the Kurdish sector. 
 The Shia and Sunnis have been separating for quite a while now.  The problem 
is that there are mixed marriages and the like.   Baghdad is heavily mixed.  
It's very difficult to separate.  That's why it's the worst for violence.  The 
Sunni sections are where al Qaeda is thriving.  Bremer disbanded the army in 
May 2003 and effectively turned loose 300,000 unemployed, armed young men into 
the streets with nothing to do.  72 hours after that order, which he was warned 
not to do, came the first attack on the Americans, and it's been downhill from 
there.  Partitioning is the only real option, but it's very difficult to 
implement and it has to be an Iraqi initiative.  We can't do that, unless we 
bring in a dictator to rule with an iron fist, seriously.  Also, without the 
cooperation of neighboring states, we're spitting into the wind.  And if you 
recall, we want to invade neighboring states, namely Iran
 , and we brush off Syria.  

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Judy --

What would you say to (something I think probable) a division of the country 
into a Sunni state, a Shiite state, and a Kurdish state?  I know moderate 
Muslims in Baghdad who live peacefully with neighbors and friends from a 
different sect but they are becoming fewer and fewer.

Julie Krueger

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