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> Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: The beginning of the end in Iraq
> Judy: I would want it to be a peaceful and prosperous 
> pluralist democracy, I do not want to see it made a desert 
> and pronounced a democracy. ... next question?
> Eric: Do you agree that both Syria and Iran have interests 
> in preventing Iraq from becoming "a peaceful and prosperous 
> pluralist democracy"? If not, why not?

Iran made overtures many times.  We rebuffed them all, including, as I
recall, mocking their letter on this very list.  They are our
self-fulfilling prophecy.  As Condi (Bush's mouthpiece) says, We don't do
diplomacy, we do policy.  The nuclear thing is ridiculous, yes, ridiculous.
It's just an excuse for hostilities on our part, another WMD.

> Do you think the USA wants to see Iraq become something 
> other than "a peaceful and prosperous pluralist democracy"? 
> If so, why?

That's a dumb question.  Of course they don't.  They want to rule the roost
and they think all they have to do is wish it so.

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