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Hm... yes. About siding with the British; there was a concrete pretext for that 
but more generally it seems like a logical decision. The British were an empire 
whose centres were overseas and they could conceivably be persuaded to leave if 
they encountered sufficient resistance. The Americans were there to stay, 
therefore they represented a greater long-term threat. He was quite right about 
that, too.
Omar Kusturica

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On 11/29/2010 4:08 AM, Omar Kusturica wrote:
> How does having been defeated and killed in battle make him not "noble" ? 
> (Assuming that this was implied.)

I didn't imply that he was ignoble. Tecumseh was a great leader. Rather, I was 
referring to the Rousseauian "noble savage" trope that is so beloved of 
romantics, and has been such a source of harm since it was popularized.
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