[lit-ideas] Re: Are Muslims lowering the intelligence of German society?

  • From: Mike Geary <jejunejesuit.geary2@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 10:13:05 -0600

"Sounds suspiciously like science qua 'the critical approach', a la Popper.
Moreover: _all_ methods are fallible, and so are the results obtained. This
fact produces, for some, a progressive 'problem-shift' from the
(misconceived) problem of establishing infallible methods and results to the
problem of critically assessing methods and results in the light of the
ever-present possibility of error, error which may arise from hitherto
unsuspected sources. This shift is not merely semantic but involves a
profound change in attitude and approach."

Of all your Popper posts that I've read and quit reading, this one is the
first to really make sense to me.  Maybe hanging around you guys is
improving my IQ.

I've always believed that if I exposed to intelligent people, intelligence
would wear off on me.  Too often though, it just wears on me.

Mike Geary
no idea what my IQ is
no idea what IQ is
feeling right at home in Memphis, Tennessee
the city Travel and Leisure dubbed the dumbest city in America.

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