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How does having been defeated and killed in battle make him not "noble" ? 
(Assuming that this was implied.)
Omar Kusturica

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>>Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

Noble savage, yadda-yadda, noble savage.

He was shot by Americans -- more influenced by Locke and Scottish realism than 
by Rousseau -- while he was fighting on the British side at the Battle of 

He tried to kill the Americans. Instead they killed him. Noble savage, 
yadda-yadda, noble savage.

>>wholeness, respect and harmony

I'm going to really go out on a limb here and assert that "wholeness, respect 
and harmony" is a good thing. To really speculate, I'll assert that many people 
think it is a good thing.

>>"together we will win our country back from the whites"

He was wrong. They didn't. He's with the Etruscans and the Carthaginians and 
the Druids -- all objects of romantic imaginings. All extinct as warring 
nations. Noble savage, yadda-yadda, noble savage.

Nations rise and fall, but Tecumseh will remain deader than a boiled mackerel.
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