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I give thanks that the Indians haven't demanded their country back. Yet.

Cf. "It’s Our Time: a vision for the future" written by National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo for the Assembly of First Nations Annual General Assembly 2010 - to be found at:


A short excerpt from the conclusion (page 12):

"In short, this is a vision of our Nations which reflects on our proud heritage and resilience as Nations as the fuel and inspiration for the future. A future in which our Nations achieve wholeness, respect and harmony. A future wherein we exercise our inherent authorities, we uphold our cultural traditions and focus directly on fulfilling, with great confidence, our responsibilities to our families, our Nations and to our lands, territories and waters."

Chris Bruce
Kiel, Germany

I strongly recommend the AFN website, especially if you are not familiar with the Assembly of First Nations. You might want to start with the description of the Assemby of First Nations found here:


It begins:


cold with the knowledge that NO TREATY will keep the whites out of our land;
hard with determination to resist as long as I live and breathe.
Now we are weak and many of our people are afraid. But Hear Me:
a single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.
Someday I will embrace our brother tribes and draw them
into a bundle and together we will win our country back from the whites"

Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief
Circa 1795
Historically the First Nations have a unique and special relationship with the Crown and the people of Canada, as manifested in treaties and other historical documents. In essence, the special relationship is one of (negotiated agreement with a view toward) peaceful coexistence based on equitable sharing of lands and resources, and ultimately on respect, recognition, and enforcement of our respective right to govern ourselves. The AFN exists to promote the "restoration and enhancement" of this relationship and to ensure that it is mutually beneficial to the First Nations people.


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