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What I'm impressed with is that I sent a note to Eric, because of our
previous discussions about Iran, and you responded, Irene/Andy, as though I
sent the note to you.  I know that "Eric" speculated that Jack Spratt might
be one of your pseudonyms or alternate personalities, but, but, but, could
that have been a smoke screen?   Could all this time Andy, er, Irene have
been one, that is two of Eric's alternate personalities?  Perhaps this whole
pseudonym business is more monstrous and diabolical than we realized . . .





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I'm responding based on what I know.  I thought you'd be impressed.  I'm
technologically challenged.  I'll see if I can watch him tomorrow.  



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Which means, you are once again responding to one of my notes without
reading it, or in this case watching it.  The link comes up when I click on
it, but you can go to the Thomas Barnett site
(http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com/ ) scroll down and find it that way.


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