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A couple of weeks ago, I advanced the thesis that all writing (especially PUBLISHED writing) was in some sense "optimistic." If the writer did not think that somehow writing would make things better, there wouldn't be anything written.

I take back the part about ALL writing being optimistic.

Paul Stone wrote:

AA: There's a skit by Abbott and Costello wherein I think Costello proves that he's not there by using logic. Since we're neither vegetables nor minerals, yes, we're animals who like to think we're superior to all the other life forms on this planet, even as we behave like monsters half the time, including rejoicing when fellow monsters are killed. When we're not behaving like monsters, we're wishing death and destruction, on a big scale or small, like monsters.

Man, I thought _I_ was a pessimist. You make my outlook like rosier than Ronald Reagan's cheeks. Do you ever see the good in people?

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