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My point was that the sadness lies in the fact that the world created a Zarqawi in the first place. <<

Yes, but not by design. All of us are born into specific, particular circumstances. We live our lives dealing with those circumstances, they shape us. I have no doubt that Zarqawi believed he was doing God's will, just as George Bush does. Bush and Zarqawi -- shaped by the circumstances they were born into (which were opposites in many ways) -- turned out to be cut from the same cloth which they both called the cloak of necessity and which they wrapped themselves in as they ordered death to thousands. Our pre-emptive war in Iraq on fraudulent charges has killed more people than Zarqawi managed. But it was done for good reasons. So were Zarqawi's bloody murders. The destruction our government has visited upon those people is unforgivable in my book, and I would like to see the Bush Administration brought before a Court of International Justice. I seriously doubt that will every happen in my life time, but I believe such things are coming down the pike and that maybe my grandchildren will live to see such wonders.

Of course "the world created a Zarqawi in the first place." The world creates us all. Without exception. I doubt that any on this list would refute that. 99% of the African American men sitting in jail right now are there because you and I sent them there. We, as white worlders, we're responsible, Irene. You're as guilty as all the rest of us. The guy who robs you should go to jail. That you and me and our gang have robbed him from the moment of his conception -- that's another matter. Of course "the world created a Zarqawi in the first place." But what do we do about that? Bush says Kill him. He would, being exactly like him. I doubt very many on this list don't see Zarqawi as the product of his history. Just as Bush is. And you are. And I am.

Yes, he was created, by humans, as others are being created right this very moment, and no one cares. <<

This is the kind of sentence that pisses me off when I read "Andy". Where do you, Andy, come off saying "no one cares"? Are you accusing the list members of not caring? Or are you speaking rhetorically about the human condition? Do you honestly think that no one on this list appreciates the psychological-social-economic-cultural forces at work that shape us all? Zarqawi turned to murder to effect his ideas. So did Bush. I abjure them both. I think Eric's Wicked Witch Song was sophomoric -- I remember when it was announced in the schools in Memphis that President Kennedy had been assassinated, in most of the white schools here, there was cheering and jubilation. Reading Eric, I thought of the video clips of Palestinians cheering and dancing in the streets on learning of the Twin Towers attack. We're all thirsty for revenge. Eric's song saddened me, your accusations angered me. You are not more knowing, nor more feeling, nor more caring, nor more human than the rest of us here. I am very sorry to be so blunt. I always liked Irene Cassidy. I admired her standing up to the Academes with no more letters after her name than I. She was opinionated, but not dismissive off everyone else as Andy often is -- or so he seems to me. I wish Irene would come back to the list. Again, I am sorry if this offends you or hurts your feelings. If you would just stop attacking, and offer your ideas instead, I think you'd find a friendly audience. Maybe even an amenable one.

Mike Geary

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