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  • From: Andy <min.erva@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 13:29:57 -0700 (PDT)

The best defense is an offense.  I'm not falling for it.  Look at the track 
record I'm looking at and comment on it instead.  Look at Eric's post about al 
Zarqawi and tell me what you think.  Tell me about the most humane government 
that outsources torture and tell me what you think.  Tell me about pharma's 
right to rip off people and humans killing off the oceans and all the rest of 
it and tell me what you think.  I want to hear again how superior this species 
is.  Bumble bees need not apply.  Logic says they can't fly anyway.

Paul Stone <pas@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
  At 03:37 PM 6/8/2006, you wrote:
>You're right. Nothing changes if the predominant MO is denial. I think 
>we need to define optimism in any case. Every day in every way we are 
>getting better and better ...

I think you can be optimistic without being ridiculously positive. I once 
took a job trying to sell phone service door to door. I didn't think I 
could do it because I felt I lacked the 'positive attitude' that one needed 
to do it. I was right. Everyday I would go to the office and meet for a 
'team meeting' and our boss, who was the most over-ebullient full-of-shit 
person I've ever met in my life would smile his face off and use ONLY 
positive words. EVERYTHING was "great" and "terrific" and "fanTASTic"... 
needless to say I left that job after 22 days of working 8 hours and 
convincing exactly ONE customer to switch to our service. I can't be the 
anti-Eeyore anymore than I want to be Eeyore. But... the killjoy attitude, 
especially when two or three of us other people who mean nothing but well 
and lighthearted fun for the others make jokes, that you exhibit is beyond 
Winnie-the-Pooh poohing things. It's truly confusing.

Do you know who Fred Phelps is -- you know the Westboro Baptist Church 
hate-monger? One might think that the depths of his hatred and 
anti-homosexuality stance sheds light on his own deeply-closeted 
homosexuality that he is dreadfully frightened of. One, MIGHT think that. 
So... what are we to construe from your own psychological inclinations? Are 
you immune to psychology? Do you also stand outside of the hard-calculated 
psychological readings that you impose on others?

Generally, I'm as negative as I can think of a person being -- well 
previous to knowing you, that is -- but even I can enjoy watching a bumble 
bee hover over a flower bush in my yard for 45 minutes. Even mean ole 
paulie can appreciate a nice sunset, or a great meal, or a enjoy doing a 
good deed. Have you ever seen the SNL skit "debbie downer"? This girl named 
Debbie constantly kills the party by injecting ridiculously depressing and 
completely irrelevant sentences into normal conversation.

What's your story, morning glory? Like Julie, I genuinely want to know. 
What evil lurks in the heart of all man and woe-man that is so problematic 
to make you invoke Abbott and Costello in demonstrating how pathetic we 
animals are? Were you injured? Why are you constantly singing a somebody 
did somebody wrong song? We all know that there is a kernel of 'truth' in 
every joke and that we laugh because we recognize the absurdity of life and 
giggle because of it. So... what's your next point? It's not enough for you 
to abstain from humour, you won't allow others to indulge themselves?


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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