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  • From: Andy <min.erva@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 11:39:40 -0700 (PDT)

You people are not worth the effort.  The denial is too strong.  Rather than 
look at reality the way it is (ding dong, the witch is dead, instead of, why is 
there a witch in the first place and who created it except evil humans), you 
rejoice in the beauty and wonder (or whatever you said) of the world.  That's 
consistent with denying there's global warming, denying that spanking is 
harmful and so on and so.  Put on the rose colored glasses and deny, deny.  The 
only thing you'll admit to is human superiority, I guess superiority in 
denying.  I'm done.  For Julie, that's a stupid question.  Seriously.

Paul Stone <pas@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>AA: There's a skit by Abbott and Costello wherein I think Costello proves 
>that he's not there by using logic. Since we're neither vegetables nor 
>minerals, yes, we're animals who like to think we're superior to all the 
>other life forms on this planet, even as we behave like monsters half the 
>time, including rejoicing when fellow monsters are killed. When we're not 
>behaving like monsters, we're wishing death and destruction, on a big 
>scale or small, like monsters.

Man, I thought _I_ was a pessimist. You make my outlook like rosier than 
Ronald Reagan's cheeks. Do you ever see the good in people? I just don't 
think you are able. People are, in my experience generally good. Misguided, 
stupid, greedy, narcissistic, yes, it all goes with looking out for number 
one -- a very, if not, Darwinian, at least Dawkinsian concept -- but we're 
not monsters. We surely have the capacity to exhibit and perform behaviours 
that could be construed -- in non monstrous situations -- as being that of 

But I'm not going to give up my faith in the goodness of humanity. We are 
strong, intelligent, superior, albeit evolving creatures with tremendous 
potential for that evolution into something fully good. There will always 
be 'bad' stuff and there will always be behaviours which someone else will 
deem 'monstrous' but we are better than animals and we are very, very 
overwhelmingly 'good'. We have to be... being monsters all the time would 
result in anarchy and then we'd kill each other... that's not conducive to 
fulfilling our potential. It's very hard to potentiate when we're dead.

But rejoicing in some evil fuck's end is not monstrous, it's normal 
behaviour. This guy beheaded people with a sword that required sawing 
through the person's neck as they cried in agony. He and anyone like him 
who would carry out such acts deserves a dirt nap. Regardless of the way he 
was hunted down and killed, the world is better off with him dead. You 
can't argue that. You can argue that we shouldn't have done x or y to get 
him and we shouldn't have expended innocent lives and started a war etc. 
etc. and I would tend to agree with all that, but people who are willing 
(not just able) to apparently callously carry out such barbarity should 
themselves be immediately dealt with in a vicious retaliation that result 
in their demise as swiftly as possible. That's not monstrous, that is human 
and humane justice. For the good of humanity we, as a people should not 
tolerate the likes of him. We can deal with monsters without turning into 
them ourselves.


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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