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At 01:59 PM 6/8/2006, you wrote:

What did Canadians do to deserve this? Didn't you just finish writing that a Canadian claimed that Al Zarqawi was unimportant? Why then would 'only' Canadians could still believe.... Get your insults straight...
US in Canada

I too thought that Omar was insulting us, but I'll give him a kind reading and say I think he was hearkening back to his little exchange with Phil yesterday about how he thought a Canadian in a 'stable country' thought. Maybe he's talking out of the same side of his mouth this time and saying that only a rose-coloured glass-wearing Canadian can see the good in offing that brat. I'm trying to be kind and give him the benefit of your doubt, Ursula.

middle posting,

Omar Kusturica wrote:

at this point only a Canadian could still believe that
this will make a significant difference one way or


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