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  • From: "David A. Rogers" <darogers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 13:18:11 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)

Ah.  This is good information.  I'll add it to the 'getting started' that I'm
working on.


On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Michael Phipps wrote:

> Kevin is absolutely right here.
> To reiterate for those who are coming in new/coming back...
> When we first started out, I (naively) thought that we could run OBOS like a 
> software company.
> So, when people volunteered, I added them to CVS, we assigned them work, etc.
> Soon, we had > 100 people, and team leaders and I were trying to manage this 
> flood of people. Many of whom found themselves less able to contribute than 
> they had thought, for whatever reason.
> So we shifted the way we did things from the Cathedral to the Bazaar. :-)
> We went to a more traditional OSS methodology.
> That being:
> 1) Pick an area that you are interested in and can help with.
> 2) Join that area's mailing list.
> 3) Read the code, get a feeling for what is going on.
> 4) Find something that needs to be done. Ask if you don't know.
> 5) Ask if someone is working on <foo>
> 6) If not, work on it and submit code to the team leader.
> 7) The team leader will look over the code and possibly ask for changes.
> 8) When it is good, he will check it in.
> Eventually, it becomes obvious that you write good code and don't need the TL 
> to help you, so you are given CVS access short circuiting half of 6, 7 and 8.
> This is pretty much the same path that Linux, BSD, etc follow.
> There is also an escalation process - if you have an issue and don't get 
> resolution or disagree with the resolution that you get, email me. That is my 
> job. If you don't get an answer back from me fast enough, call my cell phone 
> - 585-764-4035. Seriously. Remember that I am in the Eastern Time Zone. :-) 
> Leave me a voice mail if necessary.
> There is *NO* reason for anyone to go away unhappy.  At least not without 
> disagreeing with me first. :-)
> As Kevin says - there is no one at the reception desk 24/7. I wish I was 
> spending 16 hours a day on OBOS. ;-)
> Work pressure has increased on me, lately, for a couple of reasons, and I am 
> not "all over" email like I used to be.   Sorry about that. :-/
> Thanks for volunteering. We really do need you. I look forward to seeing more 
> CVS notifications than I can handle. :-)

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