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  • From: "Jan-Rixt Van Hoye" <janvanhoye@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed 17 Sep 2003 11:43:00 +0200


Many thanks for the many reactions on my mail. If everything goes well, I can 
start at the preferences team(thx Sikosis). What I see is that there are some 
"small problems" with OpenBeOs Management. I am new to this community, but I 
can say that I am following it since Be Inc "stopped". I love BeOs, but on new 
systems, it does not work good anymore. I am very glad to see that there is a 
group of volunteers that want to make Beos "competitive" again. But this is 
"shit" we hear every time. What I see and hear now is that some things don't go 
very well and these are:

1) Communication problem with the management. We hear everything in "beos 
news-sites" but nothing on the "OpenBeos-site"
Solution: A good and UP-TO-DATE news forum with easy acces. What I mean is not 
a newsletter( the ones that exists are very good for those who are developing). 
I mean, if someone leave a team or gets into it, this should be posted in a 
central place. And not somewhere in a 'dark corner' of the site. A potential 
developer should have the possibility to send a mail to the "right" responsable 
team-manager. There should not be old email addresses.

2) There is no easy way to contribute to the project.
Solution: A webpage where you are able to fill in your interests and in which 
team you want to work. When you "submit", a mail should be sent to the 
responsable team-leader

I just want to help, because I think this is important. I'm just 23 years old, 
but one thing I know for sure. If there is a lack of communication, you will 
have troubles sooner or later... and that is not what we need. With better 
communication you will see that a project will develop faster and better.


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>    Ahh, OK, Now I'm calm! :-) I saw these people posting email for 2 days
>with no answer... I was beginning to wonder... :)))

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