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  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:55:03 -0400

Kevin is absolutely right here.
To reiterate for those who are coming in new/coming back...

When we first started out, I (naively) thought that we could run OBOS like a 
software company. 
So, when people volunteered, I added them to CVS, we assigned them work, etc.

Soon, we had > 100 people, and team leaders and I were trying to manage this 
flood of people. Many of whom found themselves less able to contribute than 
they had thought, for whatever reason. 

So we shifted the way we did things from the Cathedral to the Bazaar. :-)
We went to a more traditional OSS methodology.

That being:
1) Pick an area that you are interested in and can help with.
2) Join that area's mailing list.
3) Read the code, get a feeling for what is going on.
4) Find something that needs to be done. Ask if you don't know.
5) Ask if someone is working on <foo>
6) If not, work on it and submit code to the team leader.
7) The team leader will look over the code and possibly ask for changes. 
8) When it is good, he will check it in.

Eventually, it becomes obvious that you write good code and don't need the TL 
to help you, so you are given CVS access short circuiting half of 6, 7 and 8.

This is pretty much the same path that Linux, BSD, etc follow. 

There is also an escalation process - if you have an issue and don't get 
resolution or disagree with the resolution that you get, email me. That is my 
job. If you don't get an answer back from me fast enough, call my cell phone - 
585-764-4035. Seriously. Remember that I am in the Eastern Time Zone. :-) Leave 
me a voice mail if necessary.

There is *NO* reason for anyone to go away unhappy.  At least not without 
disagreeing with me first. :-)

As Kevin says - there is no one at the reception desk 24/7. I wish I was 
spending 16 hours a day on OBOS. ;-) 
Work pressure has increased on me, lately, for a couple of reasons, and I am 
not "all over" email like I used to be.   Sorry about that. :-/

Thanks for volunteering. We really do need you. I look forward to seeing more 
CVS notifications than I can handle. :-)

>Everybody, please stay calm. There is no crisis here.  :-)
>My understanding is that there is plenty of work to be done still, and
>skilled people are warmly invited to contribute with their heads, hearts,
>and hands.
>But please remember that this is an all-volunteer project. There is at
>present no full-time receptionist at the "front desk" waiting to issue an
>immediate response to any incoming inquiries. Please be patient. Somebody
>will return your emails sooner rather than later. If your patience
>absolutely runs out, simply send an email to Michael Phipps and ask for his
>assistance in becoming engaged with the project. He is more than willing to
>help people find a suitable place for themselves in this effort.
>Consider the closing paragraphs of Michael's recent interview with Technix
>at The BeOS Journal:
>Q : In closing, I will ask on behalf of the readers: What advice do you give
>to anyone willing to volunteer their time in helping OpenBeOS?
>A : We need you. This is an all volunteer project. If you love BeOS and want
>to see it succeed in the future, we need you. The sooner everyone bands
>together to help out, the sooner we can have a first release. Be resolute.
>Don't give up if you don't understand something or someone doesn't answer
>your email right away. If you have a problem or an issue and don't get
>satisfaction, don't complain on IRC or BeShare, bring it up to me. Everyone
>knows how to get a hold of me. I will find some way to make it right. That
>is my job.
>"Don't give up!" 
>Sometimes you have to fight (quietly and politely, please :-) ) for your
>right to do good in the world!
>Czeslaw Czapla

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