[haiku-i18n] Re: Date move rest of languages over to pootle

  • From: Khaled Berraoui <khallebal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:36:04 +0100

2012/2/12 kirilla@xxxxxxxxxx <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> 12 feb 2012 kl. 02:59 skrev scottmc:
>  ...
> > I started approving Arabic yesterday, got about half-way thru it.  If
> > you'd like to go ahead and finish it up that'd be great.  I also
> > approved the handful of Afrikaans translations that were orange.  Can
> > we keep HTA up for the partial translations for another month so that
> > we don't lose the partial work that was done on some of the other
> > langauges?  I'd like to at least make sure we get any languages that
> > GCI students put time in on.
> > -scottmc
> >
> There are some rejected strings in e.g.
> http://hta.polytect.org/catalogs/view/391/ar
> (ActivityMonitor, arabic)
> A mishap of some kind?
> /Jonas.
> these strings were blocked by me because a GCI student did not translate
them correctly,so i won't forget about them i blocked them,the student
never showed up again when asked him to do a better translation,that's how
i forgot about them,i'll fix them soon.

scott thanks alot for helping out,i'll try to find some time this week and
finish all the strings.


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