[guide.chat] To Carol

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 21:59:14 -0000

Good evening Carol, oh hahahahaha. You are certainly very funny. I will let you 
off but just this once hahahaha. I'm so happy I explained play your cards right 
ok to you and you now understand how we play it at Janet's club. Yes Corrie was 
very good and emotional now it's all out about Peter and Carla's affair. Leanne 
certainly played a good part there and it's so sad she's left for a while, sob, 
sob. Ah poor Simon too. I feel sorry for him. Well I have just read the soap 
gossip our Vanessa sent in and it sounds like it's going to be all action in 
our soaps even more with people coming into the soaps and going out of them. Ah 
thank you to Vanessa for updating us. Well Carol yes they say it's going to 
snow here oh dear not good and it's so typical it's my busiest week coming up. 
Let's just hope it doesn't snow too bad so I don't have to miss out on all my 
clubs and dance. If it snows too bad though they will all be cancelled so 
everyone will miss out not just me. Oh let's hope it doesn't come to that but 
at least the clubs will still be there when the snow has gone so we can make up 
for lost time then. Oh well let's just wait and see what happens. Glad you are 
warm and cosy in the lovely dressing gown I gave you how cool. Well Carol have 
a lovely time at arts and craft tomorrow as always. I will have a good chill 
out day with the yummy chippy at night and my medicine of course. A normal 
Friday for me. Oh yeah, don't forget to ask Henshaw's about the bingo board. 
Your help is very much appreciated. Love Clare xxxx

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