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It's hard to really tell which way the conversation is heading at this 
point, towards a strong audio-vs-"music" dichotomy or not. 
I would like to voice strong support for NOT differentiating "kinds" of 
plug-ins, especially if the terms are "audio" and "music", which rightly 
overlap one another.
Rather plug-ins should simply be typed data in/typed data out, I believe 
this has already been suggested.
Consider a pitch-detector: audio in, frequency (floating-point #) out.
This also doesn't preclude audio in, video out, btw.


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>Do not make sense to me doing differentiation between types of plugins..

Actually, that's what I am trying to avoid.

Ron's list focused on the nature of the transformation (Audio->Audio,
Music->Audio, etc.) and I think we agree that this is the wrong
"dimension" to think about this in.

I prefer to focus on the whether a plugin is considered to be a source
of a certain kind of data and whether it can also be a sink of a
certain kind of data. We are only considering audio + music data (no
video, for example), so when describing a given plugin, we have a 2 x
2 matrix:

                        Audio     Music 

  U  Audio 
  T  Music 

There are many combinations possible, and I think GMPI should support
all of them except (probably) a plugin with no input and no output :)

Common forms would be:

       MIDI-driven synthesis: Input: { Music } Output: { Audio }
            Audio processing: Input: { Audio, Music } Output: { Audio }
                      MIDI processing: Input: { Music } Output: { Music }


The point is that we are trying to define a goal for GMPI, and the
goal needs to be clearly stated. I believe the goal is not to exclude
any potential plugin that can be described by this 2x2 matrix.


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