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> 2 - There is a distinction to be made between what in & out data
> types GMPI will support at first, vs. what types it will eventually
> be able to support as (and if) it grows in the future.  I am
> confident that we can find a way to express audio and music and
> control ins & outs now, that leaves room for expressing other data
> types in the future, without requiring the hosts now to do anything
> very different from what they already do at runtime with audio and
> MIDI lines.  If coded correctly, this generalized approach need not
> be a big complication for the plug developer, and remember, most of
> the I/O negotiation stuff will happen at setup/instantiation time,
> and so won't impact the normal operating/processing load.  On the
> other hand, if we get married to only audio and music now, without an
> extensible type framework, then GMPI will most likely never be able
> to grow in that direction, and so will likely eventually be replaced
> -- which would kind of defeat a significant part of the basic purpose
> of GMPI, no?
> So, I would prefer to see GMPI use a type-agnostic, efficiently
> designed plug I/O framework, and would expect that only audio and
> music would be defined  for v1.0, with tight implementations (maybe
> control too, depending on how those discussions go).

I tend to agree with that. But I also realize that for most people on this
list this is probably NOT the major purpose of GMPI. I've even been looking
at the name GMPI (Generalized Music Plugin Interface) which could easily be
changed into Generalized Media Plugin Interface. I also believe that in the
coming years (already now, in fact) video and audio/MIDI integration will
come together as to the point where a generalized media plugin interface
could be needed. So why not leave something open in that direction if it
doesn't get in the way too much ? Not as the main focus, but still in the
back of our heads and certainly not rejecting it from the start?
Koen Tanghe

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